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About Us

Meet The Team

We are a Charlotte, NC based team servicing clients all over the United States. Let us tell you a little bit more about ourselves!

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Kristin Prentice, WMCP®  Photo
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Kristin Prentice, WMCP®

Financial Advisor & Assistant Vice President



(704) 717-8900 ext 137



In my nearly two decades in this industry, I've fallen deeply in love with helping people to navigate their financial journey. 

When I was a newly minted advisor, a good friend called me with the news that they'd lost both of their parents in a car accident. Unsure how to navigate loss with someone at the time, I did the only thing I knew how to do: I offered my experience in managing their parents' financial affairs and guiding them through the complex probate and tax planning process that was left behind. That experience left me transformed in how and why I do what I do. 

Financial planning and financial advice are so much more than just helping you pick your asset allocation. It's about guiding you through some of the biggest moments in your life -- moments that often come with dollar signs attached to them. From marriage, children, buying homes, and retirement, to illness, divorce, loss, and all the things in between, I get to be someone you rely on when you need a helping hand. 

Stephanie Diaz Photo
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Stephanie Diaz

Branch Operations Manager, Licensed Sales Assistant

Branch Operations Manager,

Licensed Sales Assistant



This is Stephanie.

Stephanie Diaz is the heart of our practice. She literally keeps the lights on and our world turning. Handling all things operations, you'll often hear from Stephanie when it's time to take action.

Stephanie got into this business because of family, following in her brother's footsteps.Be sure to ask her about her favorite job, as a Mom to two boys: Kosta & Kai. 

Fanci Worthington, CFP®, AIF® Photo
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Fanci Worthington, CFP®, AIF®

Vice President, Branch Manager

Vice President, Branch Manager

This is Fanci.

Fanci Worthington, CFP (R) AIF literally grew up in this business. Her parents owned a planning practice based in Lexington, NC. Despite all of her efforts to rebel, including going on tour with a country music star, Fanci just couldn't get enough of financial planning.

As a CFP® and our branch manager, Fanci is there to act as a coach and a guide whenever we need an extra set of eyes.