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You bring the dreams, we'll make the strategy

Building financial futures for craftsmen, manufacturing and trade professionals, their businesses, and their families.

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You work Hard. every day. 

Hi, I'm Kristin. As a financial advisor, I know that whether you're a CEO, a business owner, on a corporate track, or a stay-at-home parent, you put in the work every single day. You need your money to work for you, not be another thing on your 'to-do" list. 

The times have changed and so have our investing habits and preferences.  With new financial technology lowering the barrier to entry to the stock market, people are talking more openly about investing and what is important to them.

But there is a lot of noise out there, and a lot of opportunities to make costly mistakes if you are not careful.

You need an advisor who keeps up with the times— a trusted professional who can comfortably guide you on your path to pursue your greatest goals.  No sales quotas.  No complicated jargon. Someone who cares for you, your family and your future. 

Take the first step and let me help you to discover your own financial path

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No matter where you are in your financial journey, we are here to help. With our team approach and the first class specialists of Cetera Investors, we are here for every stage.

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I'm Starting Out

Not having big dollars to invest yet doesn't mean that you don't have big goals to achieve in the future. Everyone needs to start somewhere!

I'm Getting Intentional

You've built a nest egg and you're ready to be more intentional around where your funds are going and what your goals are.

You've been working hard and saving.  Retirement is getting so closer and closer and you're looking to manage for your future and are preparing for retirement.

I'm retired

You're already retired, but want to make sure that after working so hard for your money, now your money is working hard for you. 

I'm a business Owner

You've started a business -- or maybe you've been in business a long time. What's next? Wherever you are on your business planning journey, we can help. 

I'Ve Experienced A Loss

The loss of a loved one is one of the most harrowing experiences a person can go through before all the paperwork. Managing the probate process and your financial concerns are the last thing you want to navigate on your own.

I'm AN HR Professional

Want to better support your employees? Let us support you! 

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